Joy, Love, Faith

  Just be happy


No, we’re not God, but we can change their lives. WE have the ability of it.

Give. Take. Repeat

Heres a story.
Mason was convicted murder because of killing his wife. One rainy day, Mason was visited by his brother, Jack. Mason was really poor, while Jack got everything. 

Jack: Sup Mason?

Mason: Go f*** yourself.

Jack: If you just stop saying that and be a good guy, I could get you out of here.

Mason: Really?

Jack: Yeah, probably.

Mason: I killed my wife because of you.

Jack: Really? (Laughs)

Mason: If I could just crush your skull, but no, I’ve changed.

Jack: You have never changed Mason, you were like that since we we’re kids.

Mason: Really bi***? If you did not treat me like a goblin to steal things, I wouldn’t be here. If you did not treat me like your own personal servant, would I be like this?

Jack: (speechless)

Mason: I killed my wife even if I didn’t killed her because of you. You fuc**** bastard and your horrible government, sorry to disrespect but you are horrible person. You sued me as the criminal behind the murder of my wife. If I was Michael Bay, I would explode your head. You people with higher ranks are always listened to the innocent people. Once again, fck you and get out of here.

Jack: (left)
Five years later

Mason: I got out of jail two years ago honey, and look at me now. I know your proud right now. Rick is doing great at school. I’ll be a good father. I love you. (Talking to his wife’s tombstone)

Jack: (arrived)

Mason: Guards get this filthy animal out of here.

Jack: But I’m your brother.

Mason: did you release me out from prison?

The guards held Jack and fled him away.

Mason is now the Governor. He volunteered in Red Cross. He volunteered in Afghanistan as Medic, he helped the Mayor of his town improve the town’s bridge. 
From being sued to becoming Governor.

There is still a little hope in humanity, people can’t really find it.

Poeple should not be afraid of the Government, it is the Government that should be.

A pint of joy, a spoon of love, a cup of faith, the recipe to being a good human.

This is your time, make the most of it, good things.

Acknowledgement (the people or society that got me inspired)

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**Spoiler: the story stated is not real, please don’t take it too seriously but take it as lesson to our lives.

**If I got grammatical errors, just leave it.

**If I got wormg spellimgs, just use common sense.


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